Dissapearing LOD

Move away a couple hundred studs and a chunk of the LOD seems to just dissapear

This happens in studio and on the client

I don’t see any particular pattern arising as to where this happens and where it doesn’t but it always seems to be at a similar distance from the camera, and then it will fix itself again if you go even further. It seems to only effect the like “first” LOD level once getting far enough away from terrain in it’s normal resolution

This has been an issue now for a couple of weeks


Please attach a repro level.

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Note: conversation moved to a private thread; if anybody else is affected then you can rest assured the issue is being looked at :slight_smile:

It’s a natural part of smooth terrain; at certain distances the terrain will ‘degrade’ in order to perform better. I’ve spotted small holes which was not visible in a distance on a flat surface.

False, Believe me I’ve used enough smooth terrain to know the difference and zeuxcg already confirmed that this is an issue

Just to give an update on this - the source of the issue is identified (it’s a regression from a recent optimization change). Release next week will contain a quick fix that should resolve the issue; there will be a further change that’ll involve a somewhat more comprehensive look at the algorithm since this shouldn’t have happened in the first place :smiley: