Distance between parts

  • I’m trying to make a deck/boardwalk. I’m having some problems with connecting the parts and distancing them. (As the curve gets narrower, so does the gaps between the planks). I’m using a plugin to connect all of the parts.

  • I need each the distance between all the planks to stay the same as all the parts curve. I also need the parts to connect.

  • I’ve tried unioning the straight parts and going from there but then the parts don’t connect.

Some help would be greatly appreciated!

You could try making a semi-circle of only one plank, then duplicate that and offset it by a few studs, and repeat that a few times…

Hope this helped!

Yep! After some trial and error that’s what worked for me.

I had a problem with that and I haven’t solved it yet I suggest to keep the distance away and use small parts to fix it