District of Stirling Update Log

District of Stirling, Scotland: Update Log
A star (*) indicates that this update was added prior to the game rename to the District of Stirling.

Update 0.1.4(1)

-Added 2006 206SW
-Added 2003 Impreza WRX STI
-Added 2012 Focus
-Added 2019 XC90 + Unmarked
-Added 2003 Freelander
-Added 2016 C63 AMG
-Added 2012 E300
-Added 2016 B8RLE
-Added 2010 P280
-Added Private Server Car Colisions
-Added City of Stirling
-Added Money
-Added Phone
-Added Delivery Job
-Added Fire Team
-Added Suspension Modifications
-Added Stirling Sewers
-Added Linda’s Retirement Fund (Knife,Bat)
-Added Weapons
-Added Further Map Expansions
-Added Fuel
-Added Train AI
-Added Speed Camera Van
-Added New Random License Plates
-Increased Server Player count to 60
(-NIght Time Lightened)
(-Petrol Useage Decreased)
(-Police Officers get paid for arrests)
(-Railway tresspass)
(-Bug Fixes)
(-Foilage Increased)

Update 0.1.3*

-Added Midland Scottish Omnidekka
-Added 2015 Aygo
-Added 2002 Astra
-Added Paramedic Team
-Added Ambulance
-Added WIndow Tint Customisation Option
-Added New Interior (Cottage)
-Added GPS Feature
-Added Bus Board Glow
-Added New Area Incl. Roundabout and Caravan Park
-Added Update Log
-Increased Player Count to 45

Update 0.1.2*

-Added 1993 Fiat Punto
-Added 1998 Optare Solo [B To Change Dest.]
-Added 2020 Honda E
-Added Taxi Sticker Customisation
-Nitro Booster Gamepass-Free Experience
-Nitro Booster Nametags
-Bug Fixes

Update 0.1.1*

-Added Basic Car Customisation (2 paid, 1 free)
-Advanced Customisation pass (50R$)
-Bug Fixes