Divine Guardian collision issues

The Divine Guardian package’s wings cause serious collision issues. It cannot fit through standard sized doors at all:

You could get through in this case by turning sideways, but what if it’s a hallway that turns? You wouldn’t be able to switch directions with those wings. It also affects the mass of the package significantly. The default R15 lack-of package has a mass of 12.60. The Divine Guardian has a mass of 49.46. That’s nearly 4 times more massive than the default package, and drastically impacts how physics affect the character.

As I suggested in another thread, package doodads should be split into unique accessories like the Misfortune’s Guardian’s wings are. These types of items should not affect collisions and as such should not be part of packages where collisions are affected by all components. Splitting them off into their own accessories also allows for more customization, as I can opt to not wear the wings if they’re not the look I’m aiming for, or I can opt to wear them with multiple packages if I like them that much.

Another option is to use SpecialMeshes instead of MeshParts for packages. Packages are for aesthetic – not gameplay value – and choice of package should not give players an edge or handicap in games because they’re easier to hit or can jump higher than players with different choices of packages. I’m aware that ROBLOX would like to deprecate SpecialMeshes, but SpecialMeshes will not be obsolete if and until MeshParts allow for collisions not tied towards render model. Alternatively, ROBLOX could continue using MeshParts but allow MeshPart collisions to vary from the render model to resolve the issue.

Both of these fixes would resolve the issue, but they each provide their own benefits so it’d be great if both could be implemented.



While I can see this as being an issue, I am debating whether it really needs fixing. It seems quite logical in terms of collisions and it looks nice not to see them clipping through the parts… Maybe the wings should be made smaller instead or the developer should take this into account when designing their game.

Can’t take into account packages that don’t exist yet. Hats and packages should never change the characters physics.


It doesn’t actually because the CollisionFidelity is Box, so the collision model is nowhere near accurate. Here is what the collision model looks like for the UpperTorso:

All other hats still clip through parts. I don’t see how one single accessory not clipping through walls is beneficial because there’s no aesthetic for that to begin with. Also, is it really worth to sacrifice gameplay experience significantly for such a minor and visual benefit? Some of my favorite games don’t look great, but I love them because their core gameplay is fun. On the other hand, there’s not a single game that I like that looks great but has terrible core gameplay. Gameplay experience trumps aesthetics.

If there is a size limit like this then we become limited in what we can see from packages. This is an accessory – not a package – and it should be treated as such. Not sure why moving this to be an accessory, especially when the precedent for wings is being an accessory, is not an acceptable solution for you.

As Digital_Boy mentioned, we can’t plan for packages that don’t exist yet, and we shouldn’t have to micromanage our game for effects packages have on games. That’s not the only issue either – packages changing gameplay is an issue in and of itself, so no amount of developer preparation will fix that aside from standardizing or removing packages.