Divine's SCP:F Community Rules

Divine’s SCP:F | Community Rules

Our rules set forth here are to ensure the safety of all players and maintain a fun, welcoming environment. Our policies are formed around the principle of common sense, ensuring that a conscious decision must be made in order to violate these rules.

This will outline our policies and our principles, which will be enforced through our Moderation team and Support Staff.

Other things, such as how we may operate ban appeals and reports, will additionally be provided.

Moderators and other respective staff, such as Development Staff, are given full permission to ban or kick players from their server without repercussion. These are not moderations and do not block you from playing the game, thus, these actions are non-abusive. They also have full permission to use all other commands or privileges they gain access to on other players, of which we specifically are referencing watching, teleporting, or anything similar.

Section 1 - Punishments

Punishment Description
Warning Warnings are taken as a base-level punishment for relatively minor or minor infractions. These stick to your account for 30 days.
Account Suspension / Ban These stick to your account 90 days before expiring. Account suspensions are undefined in their maximum time and are used to prevent you from accessing the game for a period of time.
Account Termination / Permban This is the final stage in escalation and never expires. These are used in the event a severe infraction is committed and the offending user needs to be indefinitely banned from the game.

Section 2 - Infractions

For reference, the following is a dictionary for any unusual language used in these rules (some apply strictly as a moderator note):
SO - Second offense.
TO - Third offense.
FO - Fourth offense.
FiO - Fifth offense.
Ma - Mandatory punishment needs to be given.

Level 1 Infractions

These infractions are more permissible and are not as severe.

Infraction Description Penalty
Filter Bypassing Bypassing Roblox’s chat filter to send Vulgar language. Warning, Second Offense 1 Day Ban
System Abuse Abusing or misusing systems, such as the feedback or report systems. 3 Day Ban
Tragic IRL Events Acting or performing tragic real-life events. Warning
Advertising Promoting a product, your socials, your game, your group, or anything associated with you. Warning
Directing Others Off-Game Directing people to join your game, attempting to convince them to join your game, or generally trying to get multiple people to join your game or leave the game. Warning
Sensitive Topics Discussing political or religious topics, with or without the intent to start a flame war. Warning

Level 2 Infractions

These infractions still reflect heavily upon you but do not require very severe action.

Infraction Description Penalty
Impeding Staff Intentionally interfering with the duties of staff through any means you find necessary. 7 Day Ban
Disobeying Staff Ignoring or failing to follow any instruction from staff, even if basic. 4 Day Ban
Disrespect Insulting someone, yelling at someone, or otherwise degrading any other playing in the game. Warning, third offense 7 Day Ban
Glitching Refer to our Bug Policy. 5 Day Ban
Mini-modding Attempting to become a staff member when a player has violated these rules. Staff will approach you if they need anything from you. 3 Day Ban
Bootleg Modding Getting into fights in an attempt to stop them, further escalating them. Threatening others with being banned if they don’t stop, sending multiple reports about them, or acting as staff. 7 Day Ban
Directing Others Off-Site Directing other players to leave the Roblox platform and go to another website. 9 Day Ban
Misinformation Spreading information that is invalid or incorrect with the intent to invoke fear or a reaction or to defame an individual. Warning, second offense 5 Day Ban
Revealing Personal Information Accidentally revealing minor details of a person, or more specifically, their name. 14 Day Ban

Level 3 Infractions

These infractions are more severe in nature and require relatively higher punishments.

Infraction Description Penalty
Framing Intentionally submitting a report to staff or otherwise defaming someone by manipulating others or fabricating fake evidence to make someone appear guilty. 9 Day Ban
Impersonation Shaping your avatar to match the identity of any official character, ROBLOX Staff, game staff, or claiming to be ROBLOX Staff, game staff, or official character. 14 Day Ban
Trolling Ruining the experience for any individual by posting any inflammatory, insensitive, digressive, or extraneous (off-topic) messages. 14 Day Ban
Discriminatory Language Using language that is racist, homophobic, or otherwise hateful to any community. 14 Day Ban
Evasion Assistance Assisting a user moderated in bypassing their moderation in any manner. 10 Day Ban
Exploiting Loopholes Utilizing loopholes—or attempting to utilize loopholes—to attempt to avoid moderation. 9 Day Ban
Lagswitching Leaving the game in order to trigger an unsynchronized event on other players or objects, or otherwise attempting to break the game. 21 Day Ban
Encouraging Rule Breaking Encouraging other players to break the rules. 14 Day Ban
Glitch Tutorials Refer to our Bug Policy 7 Day Ban

Level 4 Infractions

These are the highest level of infractions and warrant severe punishments, such as account terminations.

Infraction Description Penalty
Adult Content Any form or method of adult content, be it explicit, gorey, or anything similar. Account Termination
Threats Making threats to a player, claiming you will DDoS them, hack them, harm them, doxx them, or anything similar. Account Termination
Harassment Harassing anyone regardless of reason, by persistently mocking them, making fun of them, following them, or persisting in any other associated harassment behaviors. 90 Day Ban
Moderation Evasion Evading moderations through alt accounts or other means. Account Termination (all accounts)
Exploiting Performing the act of using vulnerabilities to your advantage. Account Termination
Exploit Tutorials Same as above, except showing others how to do the same. Account Termination
Scamming Attempting to, or successfully doing so, stealing property or valuables from others through fraudulent methods. Account Termination
Blackmailing Using the knowledge of something someone has done that they wish to not have shared to gain an advantage other them. Account Termination
Illegal Activities Performing or executing illegal activities that violate Federal or International Law. Account Termination
Online Dating Performing the act of meeting up with someone online. (Why here even?) Account Termination
Doxxing Revealing personal information of any individual playing our game. Account Termination
Confidentiality Breach Revealing information that is only accessible to beta member or is not publically available. 30 Day Ban

Section 3 - Policies

Bug Policy

When you encounter a bug, it may come in a variety of different manners. As a general rule of thumb, we ask that you do not abuse any bugs you come across.

If a bug you encounter causes unexpected gains on any statistic, or any unexpected losses, so long as the bug does not have to be caused and you have not exploited the aforementioned bug, you will be permitted to keep all benefits.

Likewise, any bugs that cause losses are not required to be reverted by us.

Informing others on how to abuse a bug or abusing a bug will result in punishment.

Section 4 - Ban Appeals

Every player is given a chance to appeal their ban when banned. This comes with its limitations, however, as we have a required cooldown period and not all bans are allowed to be appealed.

Second Chances

We believe in second chances. As such, after a 3 day cooldown period you may submit a “second chance” appeal. You can submit them on our Discord server.

False Bans

We understand that staff may occasionally make a mistake and submit a false ban. In the case that this does occur, you may open an appeal to have this revoked. Please have evidence to prove your innocence ready and answer the questions Support asks you to the best of your ability.

Section 5 - Reports

We handle reports on an after-the-fact basis. Occasionally we may handle them during the time they occur, assuming a Moderator is already on the server or has been contacted to join a specific server.

Reports are handled by Support Staff on our Discord Server. Provided substantial evidence is given (videos are most preferable. Provide evidence according to the set method) action will be taken against the offender.

Submitting a report that is false, just to troll, or anything else that wastes our time will have your account banned from submitting any more reports. Escalation can be done.

Section 6 - Escalations & History

The following are the lists of escalations that can occur from gathering too many moderations on your account. These are based on history collected onto your account after a punishment.

Active Warning - An active warning is a warning yet to expire on your account. Takes 30 days to expire.
Ban History - Each ban sticks to your account for 90 days after it’s expiration.

Having too many punishments within the specified threshold above for each of the respective punishments will escalate it to a higher level.

Threshold Penalty
5 Active Warnings 3 Day Ban
10 Active Warnings 14 Day Ban
5 Bans Account Termination
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