DLL Army | Information

Welcome to the DLL Army! This post will give information about Groups, Games etc.

DLL Army

DLL Army is the Main group that your required to join before joining any Regiment!

Foreign Affairs

This group is used for Alliances only and not for fun or something else.


DLL MP serves and Protects the Base from Raiders and Enemy Groups!

DLL’s Armored Corps

The DLL Armored Corps manages the Big guns meaning like Tanks and Transport Vehicles / Humvees.

Regimental Hub

This group is the Permanent Group used as regiment nametags in the DLL Army. If you are in a regiment in the DLL Army

Main Map

This map is the map we use to Patrol, Recruit, Train and all that stuff!

Tank Scripts and GUIs by Louislouislouis25
Scripts by Louislouislouis25
Building by Louislouislouis25, Blakester22222, And ghvghgghh


This map is used for Battles, Practice Battles and Raids.

Building: Shea_BeastYT and Louislouislouis25
Scripting: Shea_BeastYT

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