[DLR] Upgrades are coming

Over the coming months, your experience at DLR is going to change for the better. This post will outline the changes you expect to see within the coming months.

Ticketing on the network
While for quite a while the existing system has served the game well, it’s in the need of an update to provide a better experience for players, mostly with bad connections. New caching measures will be put in place that are kept for the servers duration, and messages will be sent to us through channels notifying us of any data that failed to save, so if the user did experience dataloss, they can report it to us and we’re able to restore that data as quickly as possible.

The dependency on R$ transactions to move around the network will also also play a lesser role, as the amount of credits given to players for the first time will increase to 8 (4 Journeys). This will also be the start of a wider scheme to implement zoning accross the line to help save users the need to purchase more credits, or using a flat rate for just a few stops. The zoning system is going to take much longer than the scheduled date for the main works, but will be fully ready at least a month after the main works have been completed.

Station Buildings
Some stations during the work will be closed for reconstruction to take place to bring the stations and the environment around them into 2019 and beyond. The current structures are old, lack any sort of unions and do not show off properly what the game has to offer, and hit low-powered users hard in terms of performance. They will be rebuilt to higher standards, with less parts and a better surrounding environment to give a better feel of the game, and to keep players attached.

Stations that are not scheduled to be rebuilt at the current phase will have some aspects updated, including new platform designs, better signage and improved lighting.

Rolling Stock
The current (and only) train on the network is the B07. Another train was in reserve but have since disappeared. This train being the B2K stock. As the train reaches well over 5 years old it’s served well to the game and has kept strong over the many updates roblox have pushed to it over the years. However with the recent introduction of forced PGS, the B07 will be undergoing an internal refurbishment, kitting it out for PGS support and also improving aspects like lighting and the train’s performance. Some changes you’ll see to trains are:

  • Unioned parts to lower the moving parts count on the client/server end.
  • Certain train functions like doors and sound will be moved client-side to free up server room for more intense usage, this also means that doors will open much faster and smoother than before, where they heavily relied on the server to get anything done.
  • The train’s core code rewritten and brought into proper FE terminology to help relieve stress both on the client and server.
  • Trains will go slightly faster than before, now reaching 125sps (50km/h) instead of the normal 90 (36km/h). Improved map accuracy will mean there will be longer distances between the stations on the network, meaning the increased speeds are needed.

After the upgrade works across the network are finished, we will start to make preparations to replace the existing B07s with a newer design, as well as pave the way for the B2K stock to be introduced at a later date on the network.

PSA Trainings
We will be retaining the group-to-drive mechanism that has worked well for DLR for the past 5 years it has been operational. However for a period of time PSA trainings will not be taking place due to management reshifts and to also revamp the training system entirely to a new automatic system which only leaves us with the need to rank the people after they have finished the session. With randomised questions for each topic and an intensive test to make sure they understand how to drive a train, there will be less of a demand for drivers during shifts and during times when theres nobody around.

General Fixes

  • The two automatic trains that run the network when no drivers are around will be fixed to prevent them from breaking unexpectedly or seperating in two during or after the journey.
  • The portal game will have it’s datastore access fixed, and will also have cosmetic changes done to it.
  • Assets will be properly loaded as best as they can before the player spawns into the game to help reduce general issues during the first few minutes of gameplay, where background roblox services may still be loading.

These works are expected to start mid march, but some will have started already.
Welcome to DLR, reborn.

Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4783709/The-Docklands#!/about

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