DMCA Policy / What if a Asset is Re-Uploaded with a diff meshID Rather than Copied Using The Same meshID

Hi, I use sketchfab to showcase my models. Someone has actually ripped one of my assets through Sketchfab. I have already upload the asset through roblox. If I were to spot a game with someone using the assets but it has a different mesh ID because of a re upload, would that make a report invalid or something?

If you want to know the actual model ripped

where the model is “leaked”

check the description and comments

Thinking of it legally, it is criminal to circumvent copyright infringing material. Which in short means if you request the work to be taken down, and you submit all the proper information, citing the DMCA… it will be taken down.

However, there is an easy way for this to be marked worthless. The website housing the copyrighted material will alert the user of the DMCA strike, that user can then file a counter-notice claiming that the work either falls under fair use, or that they made it, or quite literally anything at all. You’ll then be alerted of this counter-notice and you’ll be given up to fourteen days to fill a lawsuit against the infringing user. After fourteen days if you fail to file a lawsuit, the website will re-upload the users content, even if you really are the original creator and owner of the content.

Check out: for more information