DMCA Takedown Help Needed

Hello everyone,

Let’s say that someone uploads an original creation. Then, someone re-uploads it after a month. Two months pass, and the original creation gets falsely moderated, resulting in its deletion. Roblox Support does not care, will not restore it, regardless of countless tickets.

This is my case. I’ve reuploaded my pants, but now, the “stolen” pants are older than the new re-uploaded ones. What the hell am I supposed to do in this scenario? I’m not sure if the Copyright agent will take down an asset if it was uploaded before the one being reported.

I have the original Photoshop files, proof and evidence that the creation is mine. Layers, colors, everything can be tweaked.

The stolen pants are in notably lower quality than my original re-uploaded asset (but the group is known for stealing a ton of assets made by others)

I was able to send in two DMCA strikes for my other two assets which were luckily never deleted. These two messages were sent separately, resulting in two strikes I hope, since they keep changing holder accounts when it gets enough warnings, simply keeping their stealing journey unbeatable. If I can send in three strikes in time, I may be able to lock down the group.

What to do against people like this? It’s actually super problematic and there are a lot of people doing this, stealing clothing, replacing holder accounts, doing it over and over…


Here are a few steps you could take to try and resolve this:

  1. Gather Evidence: Ensure you have all the necessary evidence compiled clearly.

  2. File a DMCA Takedown Notice: Even though the stolen pants were uploaded before your re-upload, you should still file a DMCA takedown notice. Clearly state that the original version was falsely moderated and provide all your evidence.

  3. Contact Roblox Support (again): Try to get in contact with a Roblox Copyright Agent, they should have one, (I hope,) and provide detailed information about your situation. Explain the issue with the falsely moderated asset and emphasize that you have evidence proving your ownership.

Dealing with asset theft is never easy, but by taking some of these steps, you may be able to reclaim your work.

Best of luck, and I hope you can get this resolved soon! :+1:

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I’ve provided them original screenshots of me having the pants open in Photoshop, with layers.

Clearly, it wasn’t enough. I’ve even provided the old moderated link. Not enough.


Yoan is not my name??? Hello?

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Try showing Roblox Support the properties of the file. Example below:

If it still fails, there’s nothing no one can do besides Roblox, which, they probably will not do anything of course, and that’s it… :frowning:

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I’ve tried appealing the asset like 50+ times, and if I somehow succeed… I’ll be able to take it down :slightly_frowning_face:

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Good news! After sending the 2nd message providing Photoshop evidence (again) the content was removed! I think they just messed up the message as well as my name in the previous one by accident


I’m glad you were able to resolve this issue and I agree that this is all very frustrating in Roblox. And the worst thing is that thieves sometimes send DMCA Counter Notices with false data, knowing that no one will sue them. I will add a few words on this topic because I have extensive experience with this type of situations. Thousands of assets have already been stolen from my group, I have already sent over 70 e-mails to copyright agents and each e-mail contained lists of several, a dozen or even several dozen assets. It is worth writing down the ID of deleted assets that were stolen because you can provide the ID of the deleted asset as the original asset; for copyright agents, what matters most is which asset has a lower ID. There is no problem with providing the ID of the deleted asset as the original asset, just add in a comment that the asset was unfortunately unfairly deleted. If you don’t have the ID of this asset saved, find it in the Dashboard, you can still copy the ID of the deleted assets there.

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Unfortunately, that’s not the case and I was unable to restore with a deleted asset, even after providing evidence that it has been falsely moderated.

(But I was able to restore it by providing Photoshop evidence with layers)


Hmm, I have provided the ID of the deleted asset as proof to the copyright agent many times and there has never been a problem with it, really, this situation happened many times, maybe it depends on the copyright agent or something has changed recently.