Do calling :FireAllClients many times cause lags on server?

Hello everyone!
I wanted to make Round system gui and for this I decided to use RemoteEvent to fire all clients.
I don’t want to use Plain text and StringValue to display round status.
So, my question, do calling :FireAllClients many times cause lags on server?

It depends on the data that you will send. But if I may ask, why not just handle the round system GUI in the client? Like, have a string value in ReplicatedStorage that displays the current status of the game. It will lessen the server’s workload.

Well, as I said before, I don’t want to make usual plain text, there are going to be several words that needs to be animated and also cutscenes. And I am going to send round status like “Intermission” and some data about animation like “Bounce”,“Cutscene”, so total 2 string data.

Well, if you want it like that, I can give you suggestion on reducing the size of data.

Instead of sending strings like “Bounce” or “Cutscene”, have it be an integer that translate to something. For example, 1 means Bounce and 2 means Cutscence.

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Thanks, for the advice, but anyway, is it going to blow up my server if do it let’s say every second?

If it’s just a 1 second difference, I don’t think there is a performance different.