Do Clothing Tags in Descriptions Work? Should I Bother Using Them?

Edit 2024: (I made this post when I just started clothing design) Theres almost no point in adding tags in the description anymore, let alone the title. The new search engine prioritizes UGC (not 2D clothing) and furthermore, items that are titled the exact words that you search which leads to many items being named “Sunglasses” and showing up when you search that :upside_down_face: R.i.p. to the algotithm

Original post-
Hi! I have been wondering lately if writing tags in the description of clothing items work.

I always put them on all of my items, however, it seems like it doesn’t do anything. It also looks a bit junky and seems like a waste of time. This is not really too much of a problem, but I would like to know if writing them out really does anything?

I’ve tried searching about it but didn’t find anything to confirm my question.


So like a watermark, depends on how much it is interfering with the clothing.


Oh I meant key words in the description of clothes, such as words like “shirt, red, blue, jeans”… etc. to improve search results for your clothes, but thanks for replying anyway. :slight_smile:

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I remember seeing in a post that assets that have spammed words in the description would be pushed down the list instead of up.