Do datastores save across games if they are in the same place?

So I have a datastore for my game which works fine, and I have another game with it in the same place. I wanted to know if the datastores would be shared between those 2 places. If not, how can I get data from one place to another?

DataStores are shared within the same universe.


So should I just get the same datastore between those 2 places?

You would access it the same way. I would recommend that you use a package as you might fall into some issue with data being saved differently between places (just a tip they include a version number for the package).

As long as the datastore is in your starter place you can connect/use it from any other place in your game’s “Other places”


DataStores do not save across games, however they do save across places of the same game. Names, scopes, values and so on are shared across each place of a game.


Just to help my understanding of this.
I believe that game is the same as universe and you have one starter place and as many other places as you want (within reason) and datastores are at the game/universe level so usable from within all places.
Is this correct?


Yea, you can use datastores across the same universe, but not spanning across multiple universes. If your game sends people to other places and needs to have the same data, then you need to make sure that they’re in the same universe, which can be done in the settings (maybe game explorer too? You can view games within your universe there, I believe).

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