Do games with multiple places succeed?

I’ve done a lot of performance testing and realized I’ll have to break my game map into multiple places. There are positives to this: Most bots will be stuck in the starting place. As players leave the starting place and venture along, the chat should be almost bot free. I can do a lot more by splitting up the game.

I wonder though if players will stick with it. I can see downsides: Some may prefer chat be across the whole game. I’m pretty sure players that start together don’t stay together across places (do they or does a new place server start for each player?). Are players in a game able to invite friends into the same place like a teleport?

Assuming I’ve created a very good game that is fun and immersive… will these other limitations still be in the way? I’d love to hear some opinions on this!


The biggest concern with multiple places is losing players when teleporting, but other then that there are lots of big games that use multiple places.


So that is correct and seems to be a Roblox limitation then. I’d prefer to not create a hacky temporary fix for teleporting. Good to know on the other games. Thank you!

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I mean, if you (or someone else working on your project if it’s a team), can script using TeleportService. Then yes, you can do this. It’s not a “hacky fix”. It’s the solution. You can use TeleportPartyAsync, which teleports a group of people to the same server. There is also GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync and TeleportToPlaceInstance, which can be used to teleport someone to a specific player’s server.


Good to know thank you. This is information I need because playing other Roblox games doesn’t indicate how they do these things. What I meant was if you do nothing but set up a standard teleport, the default behavior is to split players up? You are saying using different code with TeleportPartyAsync will transfer a group (they’ve formed a group/party when they enter the start place). The GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync and TeleportToPlaceInstance are used when a player is perhaps 3 places in and now his friend joined the start place and can be “summoned” there?

If those are the official solutions and Roblox isn’t going to break this with an update then I’m quite happy.

A lot of games use one hub, and give access to multiple places across the game, and have succeeded alot. You should not have a problem with it either. As for people who may get split up across servers are playing with friends and/or in a group, i don’t think there is a way to prevent this, and it is rather just something the players will have to deal with as part of the game. If the game is intriguing and enjoyable enough, it shouldn’t stop them from continuing to play the game.

Good luck!

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Just gonna add on to what’s been said above, but give some examples.

The three examples I can think of in my mind are:

1) Apocalypse Rising. By far my favorite game on the platform, mostly because I joined ROBLOX around the time the first Kin map came out. The current version uses a central hub that allows players to choose which map they’d like to play on, and then teleports them to the game of that map. One of the best implementations of multiple places, in my opinion.

2) Rise of the Dead. A far more modern example, but not the best implementation I’ve seen. Uses multiple places in order to give an expansive campaign story in an open world setting. Players can walk into teleporters to take them to other settings and continue the story. Personally it’s too clunky for my taste, but I understand the appeal, and overall enjoy the game.

3) Any Tower Defense Game In The Top 100. These all are based off the idea of teleporting players to independent servers, or places, in order to reduce stress on the main game.

As you can see, each of these examples is incredibly successful. I think it all comes down to game concept and implementation more than anything. So good luck!


You all are very helpful. I’ve marked @MalosVindictusDrakus post the solution but you’ve all helped me to move forward. @CaptLincoln closed it nicely with some examples to look into. Thanks!

You fix that by signing and dating I datastore ahead of time. Before sending

Once that us complete if they DC in the process on reconnect the recieving server can immediately rout them to the other place

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The reason you put date is so you have a universal value of like after 10 mins just kill the data store data. If it was me once they connect yo the proper place sign a new date and give them a bit more time for reconnect and when the dungeon us over you can clean it up.

Another implementation is to register all active places globally and assign people to it and on connection you search your user grab key to place then check data store in the global places to see if it still exaist

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