Do I add a Trading System to this game?


Currently, I am working on a game where players open “Crates/Packs” (or something similar to those) to find and collect cards. Cards that are found for the first time (Basically New) are added to the player’s collection whereas Duplicates/Additional copies of the cards would be able to be traded or sold.

I was wondering whether I should add a trading system or not. It’s not the first time I enter a game that involves trading and I get a “donation/boost”. Ok, it does help New Players but I feel like it clears off the concept of hardwork and more playtime.

So what I was thinking is, as an alternative to trading, I would add a market where a Player can sell his duplicates but I’d also add a Maximum and Minimum Price to the card so it would be more fair. It should also definitely eliminate the majority of potential scamming.

Please show me your opinion using the poll below :slight_smile:

  • Trading System
  • Market

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