Do I have to filter custom save slot names?

Hello, members of the Roblox developer forum. This is my first question there.

This is not a question about scripting, but I need to know if I need to filter custom save slot names

The loadout names only can be viewed by the player that has them saved, so technically they shouldn’t be filtered, right? Also, loadout names are saved in their data as a part of a string.
I honestly think it does not need filtering, but I do not want to take risks like that. Could anyone help me?

I am not sure about this but I feel like anything that someone can change should be filtered.

I do see your point how it is local but still if someone lets say it is on a youtube vid it would look bad both for Roblox and your game.

Ah, I see. That’s a good point. I kind of doubt anyone who would make a video would have inappropriate slot names though. But I guess I’ll make it filter names then.

Yea I do agree but someone who dislikes your game could try to get it banned. Over all I would just say for how simple it is to use the Roblox filter its not really worth the risk.

True. Anyways, I haven’t really used Roblox filter services before, what I should use to filter that sort of text?

You would use the TextService for this, since this isn’t intended for user chat input.

I just checked a popular game named Build A Boat For Treasure and it doesn’t have a filter for their slot names. I don’t know if I can post an image of a slot with an inappropriate name there, but it’s a fact it doesn’t filter them. So if a front-page game that has been up for years there can do that, maybe I can do that too?

If Build A Boat For Treasure does not have one I am sure it will be fine as that game has been up and not banned for a long time.

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If it’s something only the client can see, it might be fine not using a filter for the slots. Just be careful :+1:

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