Do I learn to Program from Roblox or YouTube?

Can anyone tell me whether I should learn to Program from Roblox Dev Community and Devforum or from YouTube?


For general assistance i would recommend using youtube tutorials.

For more precise things, or just general questions, you should use the roblox documentation and DevForum

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I say just go at it and benchmark yourself to see where you actually are in studio scripting, then work on anything you have issues with.
I don’t generally advise using YouTube as there’s quite a lot of outdated information as well as personal practices that may be in play.

Worst case scenario, you can come back to the forums.

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Mhm yup, I saw a few YouTube tutorials about Programming, but they were all made in 2018 or 2019, so yea its kinda outdated.

Honestly you can use both. What I did was take an existing kit, something that already had the framework to be a game, and change it how I want. It really helped me early on when I wasn’t able to write code on my own.

In my opinion you chose whats best for you everyone has a different ways of learning so I suggest you to choose whats best for you, but having multiple ways of learning is better.

Hello. Ive been scripting for 5 years now, and in my opinion the best way to learn coding in roblox is the dev forum + free models. What i mean by free models is you import a free model, then look at the source code. Learn what it does etc.


If you have some programming experience, I would recommend Youtube is good if you can’t figure out how to implement a specific mechanic though.

I recommend use all ways you can remember, a youtube tutorial can explain but some times the devforum explains better.

I think watching roblox coding series will make you learn. I recommend AlvinBlox’s beginner series and Dev King’s advanced series for after you watch the beginner stuff.

There are many great things about the dev forum and wiki but there are some basics that need to be taught like proper formatting, not using deprecated(old and unused/supported) things. Once you understand the format/structure of coding in roblox than the dev forum and wiki is a great place to look for more information.

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