Do i need permission for using copyrighted car design on my game?

Hello everyone,

  1. After reading a lot of article on copyright, some cars in the world are copyrighted by the constructor, so the game creator need a permission to use car design in his game, but is it the same on Roblox ?

  2. the solution would be to change the design of the cars but since it’s on roblox, do I have to change the design or it’s not mandatory?

  3. I changed the name of the cars but not the design so do I risk a lawsuit ?

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No, if something is copyrighted, don’t do it…

There’s a reason:

Just DON’T DO IT !

You could be banned/warn/terminated for breaking the rule on Roblox (Copyright on Roblox) which is against the Roblox’s ToS (Terms of Service).

The link you need to saw at the 1st change.

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