Do I need to add text filtering to my in-game report system? (Guilded Webhooks)

It’s not clear to me whether or not I need to add text filtering to my report system. On the Roblox documentation page it says:

You must filter any displayed text that you don’t have explicit control over to make sure your experiences are compliant.

I understand that Roblox doesn’t want us to filter text in real-time when users type on the client. We’re supposed to do it once they’ve submitted it. However does this apply to external sources? I don’t want to filter report messages if I don’t have to, because as we all know words are sometimes tagged needlessly.

Once the player submits their message it’s no longer visible to them.
The message isn’t displayed to anyone in the server, not saved by a datastore nor is it stored anywhere on the server.
The message is sent straight to a channel in my Guilded server in the following format:
Am I required to filter the text under this circumstance?

Although you MUST filter all words that are manually inputted by any player, in my opinion, it should be fine to do your plan as I understand why, and plus its only directing to a webhook in guilded, not stored or shown anywhere in your game.

As what you reposted from the documentation page says as bolded:

You can try this, but maybe try making a place like this on a seperate account just incase anything bad happens.
But if you really want a true anwser, contact ROBLOX Customer Services.

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Roblox support has never been too helpful for me personally, they usually copy & paste a response then send you a link to some support page that’s usually too vague to get a clear answer.

If the report messages aren’t stored anywhere except sent through the webhook to Guilded is it even possible for Roblox to know what the messages even contain? (I’m inexperienced with webhooks)

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It honestly shouldnt. Like I said, you can do a test run on an alt account to see the outcome.

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Why would this be an issue if only you can see it? It’s like putting a swear word in a script comment, nobody but yourself and your collaborators can see it…

Adding swear words to your code can cause it to be flagged and or moderated.

Old news. Thats from 2020 and caused mass outrage.

It doesn’t add anything to the code?

It still applies to this day, they never stopped doing that. I’m still seeing people complaining about punishments from it occasionally. (Although it’s very easy to get around as the auto detection system doesn’t factor in things like string.reverse())

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No the player’s message doesn’t add anything

That’s literally what I said to you?

You ended your sentence with a question mark so I thought you were looking for a response. My bad :rofl:

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