Do items in replicated storage still render?

Hello, I’m making a menu where you can decrease part counts and I’m wondering where I can store the parts that were hidden due to a lower part count setting. Where would be the best place to put these parts? Would replicated storage still render the parts and should I put them there?

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Maybe I am wrong, but I do not believe there is anywhere that you can store things on the client that will stop being rendered by a player. One method that I can think of that may work is this: Create a model which contains all the parts that you want to be removed upon lowering part count (keeping them in their respective positions), and then upload it. Whenever a player wants the decreased part count, just destroy all the parts that you ended up uploading as a model. Then, when they want it back, use InsertService to load them into the game.


Yes and no. Instances in ReplicatedStorage are still stored in client memory, so they will use up players’ ram. However, Instances in ReplicatedStorage are not actively being rendered by players’ gpu/cpu so they will not (significantly) affect performance in that regard.


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