Do JToH Fangames still get popular?

I was thinking of making a JToH fangame called VORTEX TOWERS and ive been wondering if it will last…

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Just I can’t think of any other game ideas, so leave reponces plz :slight_smile:

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Please, please don’t make a ToH or JToH game, I personally know many people that do not like clones of these games.

However, putting your own spin on it, such as “VORTEX TOWERS” and everything is upside-down, that would be neat.


I do not like ToH I only like JToH with a more original idea tower design

Personally, I don’t think that JToH will ever get many plays compared to ToH, it just isn’t the material for a popular/semi-popular game. Parkour Tower, a game inspired by ToH, currently has about 1000 players online. That’s 300 more than the 700 players currently active on JToH! I assume that it’ll be the same thing if you were to compare any JToH fangames to a ToH fangame. Regardless, it’s your choice rather or not you want to continue working on Vortex Towers.

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