Do leaked games get taken down?

(This post wasn’t made out of curiosity and is something I actually need answered)

Say I make a simulator (just an example, trust me, I’ll never make a simulator) and then someone goes and leaks it, which then leads to someone else republishing it as their own.

Question 1, if the republished simulator gets noticed or reported, will Roblox take it down?
| If yes, go to question 2.
Question 2, if Roblox moderation has taken a while to take it down and the game has already gained profit as a result, will the profit be removed, will the profit be unable to be Developer Exchanged, or…?


You’d have to contact Roblox support or report the game itself for copying yours.

A lot of mainstream leaked games do get taken down though (whether Roblox automatically does) due to it ruining the reputation and popularity of the original game.

Oh and answer to 2, the account will most likely be banned on the assets copied so no, the profit (Robux) in the account cannot be obtained again unless they already sent it to another account through funds/shirts before getting terminated.


This is a very interesting issue for a few reasons I will explain why, and as to why roblox most likely won’t touch your issue.

Firstly I would class this as a developer dispute, something roblox literally refuses to go into. Roblox cannot prove that you did not give the place file to the person and therefor won’t take moderation action against them.

Secondly, if the game was open source at any point in its existence roblox would consider that your issue and that you deliberately were allowing others to use your game’s assets.

Overall, roblox most likely won’t take it down and the profit won’t be removed, at least unless your a top game on the platform, because then, as @anross roblox takes it down to prevent things such as scams. For my explanation im assuming you don’t own a top game.

Then again roblox is generally bias towards its top games, and I cant rlly blame them for that from a business perspective.


Regarding your second point, it won’t ever be open sourced.

For your last point, say I was a YouTuber with around 1m (or more I’m not sure) and the game averages out to at least a thousand players at a time.

The spoiler text is true lol

I thought they track down Robux and then delete it if needed, but alright, thanks :slight_smile:

It depends, if the funds are already in the alternative account there’s a small chance of the alt getting banned too. This is all different cases, theyre not all the same. :smile:

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There isn’t really a cutoff for what roblox would consider worthwhile to really look into, but I wouldn’t say a few thousand players would pass it. You could try reporting the game but at the end of the day, if I were to play the situation from a different perspective do you really think its fair?

You give someone you don’t like all assets to your game and they upload them, you then report them as stolen and they get banned? I guess it is also a factor of roblox’s trust in you as a developer. This is the primary reason why roblox doesnt touch developer disputes since its all very grey and case unique. they would not really have any factual proof you don’t have ill intentions yourself.

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Oh I don’t care if the account gets banned :stuck_out_tongue: if profits are removed and so is the game, who really cares about the account?

Also say that there’s a community of fans raging about it on Social Media as well lol
I think that the majority of leaked games will be deleted from my position (not my current position as I don’t have any games) so I shouldn’t worry that much about my games being leaked :slight_smile:

(We are doing a game development system of paying people per asset, therefore the game will be leaked more often than if the game team consisted of highly trusted developers, so I was just wondering about my future position, right now I’m a nobody lol)

In the event of two solutions I recommend quoting one of the posts in the original topic, this way its accurate for anyone who searches up the post in the future.

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Solutions to this post include:


Well, this actually happened to me!

I sometimes go from one account to another, so each account has access to it, I put allow copying on.


When I asked someone to test my game, they actually downloaded it, and stole it!
So I told customer support and the game was taken away, but that doesnt mean they still don’t have it. They may have it saved as a file :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just be careful of the settings placed and who you give access to, thats my advice.


Another issue I can see are people selling your game files, damn that would hurt to find out. That’s why I want to do an announcement on any social media related to said game in the event of a game leak :slight_smile: and also we’ll have applications, but that’s the only limit to game access unfortunately.

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