Do multiple RemoteEvents or Functions create lag

Do multiple RemoteEvents or Functions create latency if so is it better to limit the amount that I have within a game.

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100s yes, but only a few, if they are not going to the point of throttling, no

More than like 50 is maybe where youll start too see problems

Each RemoteEvent or Function is just another object like any other object in the explorer. You could have 1000s idling around without issues, the problems start when you actively and often use all of them. You should be more concerned about how often you fire/invoke remotes and less about how many you have. Although, it’d look nicer if there weren’t 250 remotes scattered around.

(Although, I am not sure if they do any work behind the scenes in roblox’s engine but afaik they don’t unless fired or invoked.)

The only thing other than that to keep in mind is that more objects take up more place memory (obviously).

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