Do neon parts have a negative effect on game performance?

I made a game and I’m looking to improve the performance. It was to my surprise that the game is running on a pretty high ping, usually around 80-90.

I read somewhere that neon could negatively effect the performance of the game and was wondering if this was true or not. My game has a good amount of neon parts that change color when a command is executed.

If I reduce the amount of neon parts, would it help with the ping / stability of the game?


Ping is basically Latency caused by Internet connection it has nothing to do with the game’s code or geometry.

Can having many Neon parts lower FPS? Yes

Does Neon parts increase Ping? No

Geometry in the game requires rendering and in this case Neon parts require special rendering that also effects lighting so yes having too many of them will result in less FPS

Rendering isn’t much of an issue anymore what Roblox struggles with is physics, moving parts and such, if you anchor most of your Game’s BaseParts you’ll be fine however Ping is an entirely different issue.


high ping is caused by slow network, it’s measured in ms (miliseconds) and it shows how much time it takes for the signal from your client pc to get to and return to you from the roblox servers, physics and rendering (in this case neon parts) have absoloutley 0 effect on it.

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Slight correction - Neon no longer uses a dedicated special rendering mode, the bloom effect is now built into the HDR pipeline.


High ping is to be expected, as the servers are not always located close to you. I regularly get 150ms ping due to being placed in US West servers.