Do not auto lock posts in resources


Recently, I noticed in #resources, when marking a post as solution now a topic timer is set to close.

This should be undone. Why this is because marking as solution is a good way to pin important replies, such as release notes (as I have done). Locking it instead defeats the entire purpose of you can’t even reply.


Good feedback, thanks! I have turned off the solution feature in these categories.

For “pin important replies, such as release notes”, I recommend using the edit functionality and/or quoting one of your posts in the first post, as solutions are not intended for this. Want to avoid users getting confused at what solutions mean; it should have a consistent meaning across categories (namely: the thread poses a problem and the marked solution solves the problem).

If you think editing/quoting is not good enough please file a separate feature request on the specific problem you are experiencing. My hunch is that editing/quoting is good enough however.

If anyone needs their topic solution cleared from their topic, or unlocked or lock timer removed, please reach out to me.


Update: I just ran a script to unmark all the solutions in these categories (since you can’t unmark them yourself when the feature is disabled).

You can use editing and quoting/linking to point to recent updates on a topic going forward. This also gives you more control because you can decide where in the post this update should appear. (not always lodged at the bottom and not always with the static header of “Solved by”)

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Looks like you cant solve topics in there anymore, is this intended?

Yes, as above:

Solutions are meant for topics that pose problems; it does not work well for these categories and limits interop with other Discourse features that assume solutions are used as just that: solutions.


I’ve looked a bit and there’s nothing on Meta for sticky replies besides an old feature request.\

I guess I may as well look into making one for the long run but I’m not sure, thank you though!

Some suggestions:

  • Put a changelog in the first post instead of or in addition to bumping it as a reply.
  • Put the changelog as the first reply of the post and update that over time.
  • Use a <details> tag to hide irrelevant (old) parts of a changelog.

It’s likely that this doesn’t exist as a plugin anywhere on the meta because just keeping an original post updated is better practice than pinning replies to the topic.

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Only issue is my post is long. Eventually I’m going to have a general API overhaul, and I have no idea when I’m going to reach the general character limit, so adding updates slowly will run out of characters.

Creating a separate reply for the changelog should help with that and otherwise only linking the most recent changelog in the first post. There are lots of ways to go here and the previous option (marking a solution) also doesn’t really solve anything related to storing the entire changelog in a single post.

Another thing you could do is make a separate post in the Bulletin Board Category with the change log to the resource, and link it to the top at the post.


Yeah, probably the best way going forward. I used solutions to notify people of updates, but following a bulletin board thread is probably the best way for people to get notified from now on.

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This is not to be recommended because that’s not the intended use of the Bulletin Board category, so I cannot promise this will continue to be an option in the future. Note that the intended use for Bulletin Board is to share content with your communities where there isn’t otherwise a way to do so on

I highly recommend keeping all information pertaining to your resource in a single topic.

If people watch your resource topic, they will be notified of new replies (i.e. your updates).


Alright. I thought that the Bulletin Board could also be used for Change logs.

My bad.

Thanks for letting me know sir.

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Yeah, we all did but apparently not? I

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We’re talking about the #resources category here. If you’re posting it on the devforum already for devforum audiences, and you already have a topic in #resources , it doesn’t make sense to create a separate Bulletin Board topic connected to that.

As above, the point of Bulletin Board is to specifically link content to audiences, where you don’t otherwise have a way to share that content. For example, game/group descriptions aren’t convenient ways to share changelogs, group rules, or credits with your community members, so that’s when you use Bulletin Board and link it to them.

The About post of Bulletin Board is especially clear about the intended use:

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Generally what I do is make a reply and then I would solve it as a way to sticky it almost, but that can probably be replaced by just linking it in the topic.

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Issue is resolved, please file separate requests for other issues.