Do not hand out warnings for replying instead of liking

Considering how this issue is so small, I think the DevForum should see matters elsewhere. This is ridiculous that this needs to be a rule.

Again, handling these is very quick, it’s not like it takes days. You’re making it seem like it takes forever for moderators to remove these posts.

Because it is such a small issue, they aren’t bothersome for moderators. Let’s also not forget that they are paid to moderate the forums.

So what is your point ??

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It’s not that simple, there are tons of scammers in the DevForum, and several of their posts stay up. I’ve seen tons of them, it’s not like the DevForum is completely secured with moderation.

No there isn’t, there isn’t like a ton of scammers on the forums and none of their posts stay up at all, and if there was one, one person would have told staff and be on there way.

The forums is secured with moderation and if it wasn’t completely, then there will be a lot of trouble and chaos around the forums with scams and dangerous stuff.

There are, there are several portfolios or recruitment posts that don’t give payment/don’t give the buyer the payment.

The Collaboration “community” part of the forum is very niche, and scamming usually occurs because the scammed don’t do any background checks