Do not hand out warnings for replying instead of liking

The people that handle flags are busy with handling them, but like 20% of the flags are “hey there, a person has replied to a post instead of liking”. While yes, it can be considered spam for some, keep in mind that a reply instead of a like is only 10 words, not a block of text that floods the replies nor an absolutely meaningless message, like “asdaowicmqp”. Plus, it’s still better than someone being rude or havng inappropriate behavior.
Also, people sometimes want to emphasize that they like the content better than just clicking a button that makes a counter go up.
So I do not see why we should bother staff about such minor offenses as someone just saying that they like content. Plus, having a post removed for a reason like that can make people frustrated. Staff also are not AI and have lives so they need to rest instead of handling a post like “I like your content, please keep up!”. I don’t see how does keeping these posts up harm this forum in any way, and 4/5 of people still use likes instead of replying.

Plus, handing out a moderation action, even if a warning, for an absurd reason such as this seems really overdone. Maybe just remove the posts if you want to keep the forum clean and do not apply moderation to every single post like that?
Also please note that this is not a complaint about any of mine nor others’ moderation actions, just seeing how absurd this rule is.


It is not absurd. It doesn’t look like you have read a single thread on #updates:announcements. These posts are problematic because that just means extra posts to scroll through that add absolutely nothing to the main topic.

Please provide a source for ‘20% of the flags are “hey there, a person has replied to a post instead of liking”.’ If this is correct this means only 1 out of every 5 flags reports this.

Additionally, handling flags and moderation is part of the Developer Engagement Team’s job (they are paid). So them getting more or less flags shouldn’t really be an issue.

This alone is exactly why these posts shouldn’t exist. I am not quoting the rest of your sentence.

There really isn’t a difference between a like and a “Thanks!” or a “Cool!”. The former takes less effort and expresses the same thing, whereas the latter unnecessarily takes more and clutters the topic for no reason.

Then leave a like!

Again, they are paid to do this so this is part of their life.

They don’t, however they harm the quality. Reading “Good job!” 50 times is a huge waste of time when you are looking for actual feedback that will help improve.

It’s not absurd

Yes you can completely avoid making the post in the first place by liking it, and how else do we bring these posts to staff’s attention if we don’t flag it?

It really isn’t


In addition to the above:

“Wow cool thing” is equivalent in sentiment to a like and should be flagged since it is spam in the grand scheme of large discussion topics. It adds absolutely nothing but bloat to the topic.

“Wow cool thing, I like how you used x because y” or “Wow cool thing, this is really useful to me because of x” are not equivalent to a like and are perfectly acceptable to post.


When someone replies instead of likes it drives me insane, and if there were a punishment between warnings and strikes then I would say this would be sutible for this offence.

For example, I have a topic with 200+ likes, if everyone who liked that post replies with ‘thanks 30 chars 30 chars’ then you don’t feel that may just be a little annoying?

What about feature requests, you may miss all the actual suggestions for hundreds of people thanking the person for suggesting it?


Should note that feedback messages (“warnings”) aren’t moderation actions. The only moderation actions on the forum are strikes.


I disagree with this statement, there are many scams or issues on the DevForum and reports that are much more serious than ‘he wrote ______.’ The staff’s time and effort should be focused on something much more serious.

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I totally agree, this problem has happened since post-approval. Many new users don’t want to fill out 30+ character sentences. This is not worthy of flagging, just leave them alone, or if you want them to stop, just message them on the DevForum.

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Agreed. Today I got warned for answering to one persons comment. They should really change the rules.

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I wouldn’t say that the rules are in fault here, but before of people flagging small comments like this, when there are much bigger problems in the DevForum.

I somewhat agree. Some replies are more meaningful and I’m not meaning “thanks 30billionchar”. I’ve created posts that has something to actually add to what the person said but also thanking them (very short) and it was flagged. I’ve also had some friends experience this.
Some people in the community create posts for the sole purpose of likes, not suggestions or any kind of actual productive feedback.
As @BenzGamingz said, I think staff time should be used on more pressing matters.

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It doesn’t matter, replying a compliment instead of a like is against the rules, and again they are paid to remove posts that break the rules.

Again, this person wants this to change, this is his opinion. And I agree.

That is fine, I am simply pointing out that

is not really a strong argument. They are paid to moderate forums so it doesn’t really matter. AKA this is part of their lives.

Don’t you think that somethings are more important to moderate? The DevForum moderation isn’t great, and we don’t need reports for ‘30charrrrr’

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Yes we do, 99% of these “30 char” posts could have been a like instead

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The DevForum moderation shouldn’t be focused on comments like that. There are some other users with the DevForum.

They aren’t focusing on them. They are’t given higher priority over more serious matters like someone just spamming swearing all over public categories. But they deserve to be reported and removed.

There are some issues that need to be fixed on the DevForum, by removing this rule, we could stop other issues, like scamming. Scamming is not resolved on the DevForum, and this rule could put an emphasis on it.

Scamming is not something that moderators want to get themselves into. It would be a mess. Removing one rule doesn’t put more focus on all the others.

As what @incapaz said, moderators wouldn’t want to be in this whole mess with scamming as that would be a you problem or contacting Roblox Support in order to deal with this manor.

Also, most of the issues that you have in mind have or already been resolved as people are doing the right thing on flagging and reporting it to forum staff.