Do not limit experience to 10 projects

I came across this issue this morning when attempting to complete my profile on the Talent Hub; once you reach 10 projects added in your talent hub experience, you can not post any more. No error message shows for this either.

Below is a gif that shows my attempt to add another project:


Please remove this limit, it’s genuinely irritating.


Although this would be great, having more experiences to list, it would get annoying for people visiting your page. People would have to scroll for a while to see everything.

Maybe scaling the size for each experience page thing based on how many are listed would be a solution. The talent hub is fairly new, but this would be great to add.


I believe that could be mitigated with a button such as “See More” so that people aren’t overwhelmed with it when they look. I’m also on the side that only the most important experiences should be listed, instead of every work you have ever done.


Easy way to look at this is that only your Top 10 best are what you should display.


I’ve been developing on the platform for 7 years though, and I consider this as closer to a resume, not as much as a portfolio. A “top 10” format doesn’t work for users like myself.


If you thought this way, you need to re-wire your way of thinking of those two objects. Portfolio should showcase as much work as you wish to share. A resume should showcase only the most valuable work you have to offer. In a resume, you should only ever display the 5 closest things (or best things) as a maximum for work experience. You should not put every single thing.

When I was filling out my own Talent Hub page, I self-limited to only put 4 things, because I after putting 4, I felt my page was starting to grow to an unhealthy amount. While on the one hand, having a massive selection of work for someone to look at, makes you look experienced, if you have some work that is lower quality than others, and I see that first, I probably won’t continue looking any further.

If you have too much work, I’m going to only skim your work or only select one or two to look at.

My suggestion, if you want a clean resume or in this case, a clean Talent Hub profile page:

  • Have a limited number of your best work.
  • Have in your bio, a link to your portfolio which displays all your work.

Soon, people won’t have that option since the #collaboration:portfolios section is getting replaced by the Talent Hub on October 1st. If the Talent Hub is a resume, then we’d still need a portfolio to showcase all of our work for those who’d like to see. That is unless you make an actual portfolio using a 3rd-party site, but most people relied on #collaboration:portfolios.

I don’t remember seeing anything about that being the case, but I’m sure I missed it somewhere.

If that’s true though, my recommendation would be to instead of asking for a higher project limit to ask for a separate portfolio base area (especially if it would use the formatting the DevForum uses so it’s easy to transfer over) on the Talent Hub. :man_shrugging:

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They could probably up the limit, but an employer is really not going to be interested in sifting through dozens of your projects. You should just have the hardest hitting projects on your Creator Page, treat it like it’s a CV.

If you want to link a collage of images as an artist or something, you should just link to a site that does that (e.g. artstation).


I attempted to do that, but when I inputted my website as a link, the page was temporarily taken down.

I made a post about that here: Implement website/link buttons below bio

Yeah that’s why I said artstation. There’s a list of allowlisted domains you’re meant to follow here: