Implement website/link buttons below bio

As a developer on the Talent Hub, it’s currently very hard to completely re-route users to more portfolio work or relevant content.

In the below image, imagine various buttons that could optionally be added for instances such as a website:

In my case specifically, I would like to add a button for my own website, but Roblox doesn’t seem to have a place, or permissions, for that.

Some way to do this would be great!


Would be awesome to have Roblox allow us to add links that aren’t part of the allowlist in the consent page, however, one of the staff who has worked on this said that the Talent Hub is meant to be a controlled environment so I don’t see that happening any time soon, unfortunately…


Well it can have bad effects too.
If someone links website, who has bad behavior for it. Then it can mess up. Like some script inside website.
But i’d love the feature for having it.
Only thing i would add is roblox controls the website and sees If its safe

A way to combat this is two things:

  • Only allow it for trusted users
  • Have a prompt before leaving the site, warning the user it is a different domain

The worst thing that can happen with scripts inside websites is crashing the OS (Most web browsers have a feature to block this) or get your IP (That is useless, what are you doing with it? Taking my internet down 30 seconds with your slow 100 mbps and 300 ping? Get what country I live in?

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Right now we don’t allow personal sites, because they could theoretically point to any content on the internet. If you would like to link to other sites, I would recommend checking the allowed list of domains, and possibly hosting a portfolio or the like on one of those. It would be nice to allow personal sites, I just do not see it happening in the near future due to the privacy concerns.

Note - you can add images as well to Talent Hub, and also raw hyperlinks using Markdown.


I seemingly am frequently marked for Discord profile attachments, despite it being both allowed and unfiltered across the Talent Hub.

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Are you putting Discord references directly in your job or creator description? If so I recommend reading the rules again, there’s a whole paragraph exactly on that: Talent Hub > Consent


Yeah, this is an issue. I have a website created with Wix but I can’t use it on Talent Hub at the moment, the only way you could show information about your work is by doing something with GitHub Pages (which one of my friends has done).

@peraldon people could easily still use their personal sites by using GitHub Pages as I stated and making a redirect


I understand this at a fundamental level, but for those with truly malicious intent, allowed domains could host equally bad things, or further, redirect to another page. Will there be something to fix this as well?



Is one of the main reason why you won’t allow this because someone could make a cookie logger / IP logger.