Do not move forward with the new privacy policy

Well let’s be realistic here. Everything these days is either opt-out or forced no matter what. I’d rather have the option to opt-out than to have no option at all. This is why I appreciate the EU when they force companies to make changes, however that company technically only needs to make those changes for the EU, it’s just that sometimes those changes are easier and cheaper to do globally rather than on a per-country basis. The US is still very far behind politically on this front.


Oh yes, don’t get me wrong. I definitely agree that there should be an opt-out option rather than being forced to it.


But this isnt requesting a feature :derp: (don’t take this seriously)

It really does seem absolutely evident how that ever since Roblox became a Public company things have gotten a lot worse on the site. It’s astounding, its like night and day.