Do part surfaces have any relevance now?

I just found out that part surfaces have been removed, do they matter anymore in scripting moving parts or is there an alternative to this?

They haven’t been removed

Surfaces are useful, for example I made I block placing system which calculates where to place blocks based on the surface the players cursor is hovering over

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Well I don’t see it at all in the part property tab. It won’t let me scroll any farther.

Are motor6ds removed? I can’t add it into a part either.

If you manually assign a surface to a part from the surface menu, they do appear in the properties tab.

The part must have at least one surface that isn’t smooth

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Motor6Ds aren’t removed, only that studio doesn’t recommend it as something to insert to a part for some reason.

If you turn off “Show only recommended objects” then you will be able to insert anything, but non-recommended objects will still be grayed out – albeit selectable.

The entire part is plastic by default and the the surface tab is non-existent in my properties window.

Then use the surface tool and change one of a parts sides to something other than smooth

Ah it worked, but why must I have at least one surface that isn’t smooth?

This explains it