Do paying for a private server on my game applies for all its places?

I recently got asked to add private servers to my game Bomberz, and I think its a good idea, but I saw that I can’t add the feature on game configurations, having to do it on place configurations instead. As my game has two places, one for PVP and one for Campaign, I would like to make so people that pay for Private servers can use it on both places, instead of having to pay for the feature twice. So, my question is, Does paying for private servers on the main place also affects the secondary ones?

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I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure no it doesnt. However you could have them buy a sever and then reserve a sever if they own a private server in one game. I believe you reserve a server using one of the properties from the teleport service. People feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


To my knowledge it doesn’t.

I agrre with you:

I have A VIP server for Breaking Point and if I try to teleport to different game modes I am placed in A public server.
The Teleport Service does not consider VIP server ownership when being transported

Even if they owned A VIP server for both the game does nto guarentee you will be teleported to another one.


Not A VIP anymore.

In Conclusion, you would have to do quite heavy scripting such as data storing whether they own A VIP and then using that in the teleport service to get that to work.
Hope this helped!

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You wouldn’t need any datastore, all you would need to do is check if the server is a VIP server, and if so make it a reserved teleport. Pretty simple actually.


This isn’t implemented by default, but it’s relatively easy to implement yourself. You can check if it’s a VIP server using PrivateServerId and PrivateServerOwnerId. (Check if there is an owner at all to make sure it’s not a ReservedServer.) If it is, you can check if anything’s saved under that PrivateServerId, and ReserveServer if not. Then, save the server access code in a datastore if it’s not saved already. Teleport to that private server instead of a public game whenever someone selects campaign/pvp/whatever mode.

@KdudeDev: I don’t think one person joining, getting teleported to one server, and another person joining and getting teleported to a different server would be ideal. Regardless, it’s not that tough to SetAsync once.


In that instance I guess that makes sense. You would probably need one though if you were going from public to VIP.
What you suggested does make things quite simpler however.

Sorry for the bump, i know this post is old but where should i save the reservedServerAccessCode? Should i save it under the player?