Do players earn money too fast in my game?

Average playtime is ranged between 13-15 minutes, more or less depending on the platform. I’d say with the combination of game passes, capture points that give players cash, and the income speed in the game, cash is earned pretty fast by players, so they can get stuff like aircraft faster so they can start attacking players.

Normally this wouldn’t be an issue but I feel like it’s starting to cut into my game’s revenue/appeal. The robux to player ratio went from a high in September of over 1:1 to fluctuating between .5:1 and 1:1.

What should I do to improve gameplay and all that, and slow down money earning to a good median so I don’t lose players to more boredom? I’m currently planning on introducing a saving/loading feature down the line. At the moment, I will add a system of rebirthing where new items can be bought.

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Right, I am very confused. I feel that the method of getting money is a little confusing. There should be an indication of how much you are making per second. With this system, you are fine on the rate of money, as making money come slower would just make it boring, as there is no animation to watch, and the funds just go right into your stats. (By animation I mean a dropper dropping a part). If you don’t have enough money, you get prompted with a gamepass, which may lead to player drops as constant gamepass prompts is highly annoying. The concept is very nice, but I feel that lowering the rate of income would require adding something in its place to entertain viewers. There may be other factors leading to player drops

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The getting prompted to buy cash if you can’t afford something is the main driver for my revenue, as it shows players there’s a way to circumvent not having enough cash. Adding this feature into my game increased revenue significantly, and due to me needing the revenue for rent, I’m not in favor of removing it. For removing it for the game pass pop ups for income multiplier, I will probably remove it.

I plan on changing the map structure to include more ground combat and closer bases, so I can lower income speed while players can go kill other players for cash in the meantime.

Right. However, I would recommend looking into other ways of telling players they can buy money/other gamepasses. Flashy symbols work if you do It right. Trust me, more people will want to continue the game if they don’t get constantly prompted. However, rent is tough and you gotta do what you gotta do, but I would recommend looking for an alternative. Games considered “Money Hungry” Usually get a lot of dislikes.

thankfully my game still has a 75% approval. but id rather do this method than have all the guis in your face, which, to me, seems more annoying

If done right, guis are less annoying. However, there is a lot to look through before changing your ways of making profit