Do purchases not work in Team test?

What do you want to Achieve?

I wanted to test out a donation game me and a friend have been working on in team test, only to find that for some reason the Purchase events for marketplace don’t seem to work in team test while working in Single Player Testing.

What is the Issue?

In this video I run both a team test and a single player test, And while the team test doesn’t run a function that connects to a gamepass being bought, the single player test does.

What solutions have you tried so far?

Nothing, I don’t think there is anything I could do as its a problem with how team test works and I don’t really know how I’d change that.

Have you turned on 3rd party sales?

Also, you shouldn’t really make a donation game, trust me, Pls Donate copies don’t get lost of visits

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If I hadn’t turned on third party sales the single player test wouldnt work.

donation games get hella visits. and you really shouldn’t reference donations as “pls donate” copies as they are mostly independent and hopped onto a trend.

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wasnt the question i was asking but thanks for your opinion.