Do receiving donations count as montizetation of intellectual property

I was debating with another developer friend about receiving or setting up donations on a game using intellectual property count as monetization.

I tried to look it up online and I didn’t really have a straightforward answer I’ve seen games based on other franchise properties receiving donations and not receiving donations.

I’m currently working on a remake of an existing franchise and I was considering having a donation system that I could use the funds for the production cost (models, UI, etc commissions).

Also my bad if I used the wrong category I was also unsure where to ask this question.

You could have set up some developer products for steady purchases; otherwise one-time donation gamepasses. Say ten players bought one product each for 300 currency in a week. Every time a player buys that product, you could save the transaction in a data store such that it wouldn’t allow any other data outside the transaction to be stored. At the end of that week, you would calculate the total quantity of currency accumulated and delete the data entries for the players in which week you registered. 300x10 equals 3000. The marketplace fee is 30% of the amount; hence 3000x70% = 2100. The result is: 2100 Robux has been withdrawn from your game.

This is how regular donation boards work in general.

There’s no right answer to this. Every IP defines the extent of monetisation of their property in different ways, from explicitly defining what kinds of exchanges count as monetisation or if just use in a certain type of media (e.g. games) counts as monetisation. You’re going to need to look up the IP specifically or reach out on their contact pages to find out the scope of monetisation.

At a fundamental level though, it is monetisation. Although visitors aren’t getting anything back from buying donation items on your experience, there’s still money linked to your experience… donations to you from that experience for that experience or personal funds. That’s still money linked.

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