Do textures influence game performance?


My name’s Crash and I’m a Builder on this immersive platform.

→ I’m working on a church for a commission, and currently I’m applying a lot of textures to it, my question is, whether it is possible, that the game will excessively lag in any way, if there are “too many” textures in the place.



Yes, textures can affect performance. Try to place textures on only the spots that are visible to the player.


Yes - textures will impact your game’s performance.

Like anything, textures require memory. They need to be replicated and rendered by each client. A game with a high number of textures or textures with a higher resolution will require a higher graphical demand from each client, risking noticeable performance impacts for low-end devices.

For any BaseParts in your game, you should consider using built-in materials instead of textures since these are much more optimised with regards to performance and rendering. You can monitor how much memory your textures are occupying by checking GraphicsTexture under the Memory tab on the Developer Console (Test > F9 > Memory > Place Memory > GraphicsTexture).

If you’re using many MeshParts, you won’t see any performance improvements using built-in materials rather than textures.


Yes they do. Here is an example of a large game with an extreme amount of textures:

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