Do unanchored parts contribute to lag?

Hello I really need some help answering the following question but will unanchored parts contribute to game lag? I know just a couple won’t do much but if there are 500-1,500+ will that make a game lag?

I’m being told that part count wont contribute to lag no matter if it is anchored or unanchored but at the end of the day that doesn’t seem right to me as it depends on how much you are rendering in for example textures and all that.

Thank you for any answers.


Why don’t you just try it out on your own: Lag Test 2021 - Roblox

or in short: yes, they do


Look, I know, lag happens to me when I un-weld every single part in a game with admin while using BuildingTools, and that’s lag.

If there is a pile of 1500 parts. That will already cause lag. If a player runs into those 1500 parts that starts using like Roblox physics stuff so it makes it even worse. I’m not too good on this type of topic but I’d assume it most definitely would cause lag.

Is that true? Like so, lag can happen like when you set your graphics to the max graphics settings in game, cloning too much, abusing admin commands like :explode me, :clone me (if a lot of me’s in the command), abusing the clone parts with BuildingTools and rocket launcher abuse, sometimes causes an crash in game

my question is why do you have 1500 unanchored parts

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Hello there. YES unanchored parts very much contribute to lag. I know it can be very easy to build and sometimes forget to anchor your parts :sweat: . I can give you a few tips if your parts are not anchored and you want to anchor them all very quickly. Please feel free to use the methods provided below ↓ :

  • Method 1: Hold down left click and drag to highlight everything on the map it should bring up a little box you can drag to highlight the parts. may cause a bit of lag it should look like this once all parts are highlighted as shown below:

    after all parts are highlighted you are going to go to your properties tab and go down to the part category and go ahead and check the anchored box as shown below:

  • Method 2: You can also select all parts in the map and go up to the home tab and click the anchor button. To check if this action worked properly you can go to any part click on it and scroll down through the properties tab and go to the part category, and make sure it is checked!

Hopefully this helped you out a bit friend! Good luck on your future Roblox endeavors!

I don’t I was just using that as an example because somebody on discord keeps telling me parts no matter whether they are anchored or unachored do not make a game lag which to me just didn’t sit right so i thought may as well ask here to get the proper answer :joy:

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