Do unions cause server lag?


It depends on your internet and the amount of unions.


Pretty much every post in this thread up to this point has been explaining why this isn’t true at all. Did you even read them?


Unions are garbage plain and simple, use meshes for anything with heavy amounts of detail to lower triangle counts so when it collides with another object the client doesn’t get torn to shreds.


The collision aspect is something to bear in mind, I do really not see why that is such a broad statement as it is less taxing to use simpler collisions (such as from a square part) and a more complicated rendering shape the mesh adds to it rather than a part that behaves as it is shaped.


That’s why you change the collision type. image These are really useful to reduce lag with meshes.


That’s one reason why devs were so excited about unions. At least, before meshes could be created. They could make guns and tools into a single part with simpler collision geometry.


Unions do cause lag, most people will try to avoid the use of them, and maybe go with meshes instead. It’s best to use as little amount of unions as you can.


Unions should create serverlag if the server calculates physics for it.
Simple as that.


Unions slow down the client, you are better off with parts but limiting how many you use, or meshes.


^ Meshes > the lower the poly count, the smaller the mesh, the faster it loads, and the less memory it uses


I recommend using Meshes instead of unions, Unions do tend to cause a bit of Server lag in my case.



Eww, meshes. Unions get the job done, unlike meshes.


@C0_le Depends can you get anti-lag?


If you mean an anti-lag script, those don’t exactly exist. Most of them are useless spam, and even if there is one that works, it is no match for optimising your code and optimising your Workspace.


Could you explain this a bit? What advantage are you suggesting that unions have over meshes?


My suggestion is as followed.

Learn to use Blender. It’s a great software for creating meshes as unions can lag the client side.

I transitioned into used meshes because i had created a showcase full of unions and it started to lag mobile users.


Meshes are way more customisable. They allow up to 5k triangles whilst meshes however only allow 2.5k triangles.


It depends what kind of unions you make, and how you union them. Complexed unions, with a lot of details will create more lag, as well as unions with textures, that take a hell good time to load when you first join a game. So to give an answer to your question about 10K and 5K parts, we need to know what kind of unions are we talking for.


Server doesnt calculate collisions, thats why noclip exploits work


But what about SetNetworkOwner(nil), isnt that server processed then?