Do unions cause server lag?


You got it wrong. Noclip works because the client noclipping has network ownership of their player’s character. That means that the server simply trusts the client when the client tells the server where all the parts it owns in the physics space are located. (Yes, there is a security flaw in this, but nobody wants input lag on their character) The server calculates collisions for everything that clients handling physics for don’t.


Untextured Unions should perform just as good (or bad) as regular meshes as long as both objects contain the same amount of triangles and are untextured, no?
The problem of course with unions is that you are generally ending up with a lot more triangles in a Union than you will with a mesh you created in blender due to the ineffenciencies of CSG.


Yes, but by default that isn’t set to the server. Very few people actually use that


Are you implying there is a single way unions do anything better than meshes, at the cost of the performance hit unions give on top?


Unions are inferior in literally every way compared to meshes.


That actually depends


They don’t lag normally but if you modify in other level i guess yes


Depending on how often you use them in a place. Although I would not recommend using unions why?Unions tend to use more memory and processing than the main “part” itself, and that’s one of the causes of server lag. Just try different ways of making models instead of using a union to make things easier.


Last comment.

Meshes are king.


Agreed, meshes are superior to unions in every way. Although, this doesn’t mean you should use meshes the whole time since of course it usually has a more “complex geometry” that requires higher placememory.


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There was an excellent talk at RDC this year talking about performance and the various trade offs between the different types of geometry. I highly recommend it to anyone looking at optimizing their code: