Do you guys like my building?

I made it using only a free model for the light beam. I made it in about 3 hours. Future lighting is enabled as well. Please give me feedback!


It looks really cool, I would adjust lighting a bit. But these builds are amazing! Good work.


Not my style but cong really nice work

Looks nice, and I’m curious about what you will add to the empty building.


Very nice. Good choice on turning on shadows for the lights. It makes things look more appealing than without them.

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I’m liking it! Are you thinking about planning to make the place filled with a bunch of shops?

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Yes, mostly shops maybe some cafes and other stuff.

I am planning to make it a supermarket. Like a small supermarket

Oh interesting. Thank you for the response! :slight_smile:

Looks good; I’d suggest making the ceiling lights a little smaller, they seem a bit to large compared to the other lights.

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