Do you guys plan out or just build larger projects?

I’ve done quite a few builds in the past, typically forts and training grounds for groups. However, I want to attempt to build something bigger then that for fun. Perhaps a small city project as an example.

How would I go about planning out a city I want to build or do you guys typically just go with the flow? I’m not sure how to maintain a larger project like that without feeling like I’m just making/placing random buildings. I feel like the toughest part is deciding where roads are placed.

One thing that helps me a ton is sketching out your maps. I’ve started rebranding an old game of mine, and with that old game, I didn’t sketch anything out. Just went with the flow.

This time, I decided to sketch out my map. It is SOOO much easier! It doesn’t have to be anything super realistic, it can just be a little cartoon square showing where things go.

Once you sketch it out, start with placing the roads first. Then start with buildings and adding detail. Hope this helped!

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Thank you I will try out this strategy next build!

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