Do you have game ideas that are easy to make

I’m trying to finish my first game but I keep getting annoyed on how long it will take and I just want to make a simple game then I can start creating more projects. Any ideas?

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I would start with a platformer game or a tycoon. There’s plenty of tutorials and kits out there for those types of games.

I would recommend starting with a simulator. Make it simple, don’t make the best buildings or UI, make it as simple as possible! Of course, there are many other Ideas, but I find this the best one.

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Start with a mechanic. Maybe it’s a Candy Crush-like system where users can tap and drag squares around on a grid. Maybe it’s a go-kart system with drifting (definitely a bigger mechanic there). Maybe it’s a projectile system for guns / archery. Maybe it’s a hitbox melee combat system. Whatever it is, start with that. Build it strong and solid. Add polish to that mechanic. Make it feel great and fun to just use that.

If you love it, then build a game around it. If you don’t, then okay - onto the next one! But at least you completed something you can be proud of and that you learned a lot from!!


Games take time. The more elaborate the game, the longer it takes (especially if it’s just you working on it). The most simple games to start out with are tycoons or simulators or showcase (I say showcases bc they don’t require much scripting).

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I recommend you should start off with a platformer game. Then, you should try working your way up by making tycoons or simulators, using more building and scripting in your games, having you learn something.

I also really recommend not to worry about time. Games take time to make, so you shouldn’t really have the mindset of getting a game done very quickly. You are most likely to fail completing the game with that mindset.

I hope these tips are able to give you an idea and headstart!