Do you have to pay for your own game passes and developer products?

  1. What do you want to achieve? I would like to be able to incorporate Monetization in to games.
  2. What is the issue? Although you can get game passes free in studio do you have to purchase your own in the actual game.

I think it’s no because when you make the gamepasses it is automatically available on your Roblox inventory.

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You own gamepasses by default, so you don’t need to purchase them a second time, but developer products need to be purchased because they work slightly different from gamepasses.


As long as you own the game, or own the group that contains the game, you will not have to buy gamepasses. On the other hand, with developer products, you will have to purchase your own.

Hope this helped!

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If you own the game, you will not have to pay for your own game pass.

That being said, devolper products you have to purchase on your own if you’re playing your game or outside Roblox Studio.

However, if you test your game in Roblox Studio, you should be able to buy your developer products for free if you sell your developer products in the game. BUT, this has to be while testing in Roblox Studio!