Do you know how to make a discord badge system?

hello developers i need to ask you something today, do you know how to make a script that makes it so when someone unlocks a badge in your game you get a discord message saying something like “roblox unlocked the secret badge in adopt me!”

hope to hear from you soon



You can use Discord Webhooks to achieve this. After rewarding a player with a badge, send a webhook announcing it. Check out WebhookProxy if you want to implement this feature in your game.

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i know that but is there like a free model that is out there i can use or can you tell me how to make it

as you can probilly tell i’m bad at scripting

I made this basic script a month ago and it should still work, just edit the content, url, username and implement it into the badge rewarding script. You can get the model here.


I can imagine you having issues with this with right to erasure requests.

i don’t know what you mean all i am asking is there a way to make a badge thing with discord

It’s impossible to direct message a user that they have a badge. You could use a webhook, that sends the message to a server channel for everyone to see, but there isn’t any way to direct message a user using lua.

that’s what i mean when i say that, i just wanna know is there like a free model for this or does someone know how to make a script to do this

It is kinda not allowed to ask for the whole scripts of the system here, this part of the forum is to request help on fixing scripts or asking questions about systems, which you have already received the answer of;
You can use webhooks to send information outside roblox, yes. How much of it the Discord can take? All, How? Discord, by default supports the webhooks for servers, which you can bind to make the messages go into a channel, alternatively, if you want to DM people, you can program your own bot to have the webhook bind, and when they receive the information, they DM people on the information.

Edit 1; You can find video tutorials about this on Youtube probably, even if you have the roblox scripts (It is around 3-4 lines usually), you still need to setup the webhook bind in Discord anyways.

Edit 2; Yea you can… I just searched “Roblox Discord Webhook” they are all over the place, just click one of them for full tutorial

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Using the Discord web-hook just to DM a user about getting a badge is NOT allowed, at all. Discord web-hooks have been ‘abused’ for stupid things like error logging.
Also, what’s the point of this?

the point of this is to see who unlocks the badges in real time in my game that’s coming soon i just think it’s a cool idea.