Do you like my new car?

I decided to recreate my sedan cause it was looking a lot like an old version of a certain game (Ahem, Neighborhood of Robloxia v5). I think it looks really nice!


even though i sometimes build, this looks pretty cool but you could add more details to the car to make it look more like Neighborhood of Robloxia v5 cars, but overall it looks good in my opinion

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what are some of these for example?

i dont have any examples but i recommend actually making the tires instead of plastering a decal on it

you mean the tires or the rims?

the tires and the rims, you could get creative with some materials like glass, ice, metal, granite and more

hmmm i try to do the wheel but it doesn’t work the parts just fall off the wheel.

maybe its because you didnt weld them together, use a plugin that allows you to weld parts or use roblox’s weld constraint(not reccomended)

Looks pretty good for the theme your going for, I know in blender, people make insane cars, and you should definetly look into modeling if you wanna make really cool realistic stuff, or even just more detailed stuff in the future.