Do you like my portal I made?

i made a portal for my obby i made. the goal was for a portal thats really simplistic but looks good at the same time here it is:

do you like it and what can i improve

do you like the portal?
  • yes
  • no

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let me know how i can change it to look better but simplistic give me your ideas


Looks nice but you could go for more of a style or theme depending on your game

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It is simple but I agree with ballisticballer it could have a theme or maybe a tiny bit more detail it is too simple.

It looks good if it’s supposed to be very simple.

it’s really oversimplified, make it unique

It’s really simple but that’s not a bad thing. If you’re going for a classic Roblox look on your obby then this will fit in, but if not I also suggest what others are; make it more stylised.

The portal looks like one of those portal you’d usually see in the simulator/tycoon games.

Make it unique, perhaps go look around on Google on some good first impressions on how to design your first portal with a better design, that way it’ll let you expand the options of what you can do to the portal.

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