Do you like these Guis?

I’ve been creating some guis and I’d like some opinions on these.
This is the Gui that shows the dialog. You can accept or decline. You can also accept quests.

This is the Gui that shows the quests that you have
(rockslayer was just a name I got from a video. it won’t be implemented in-game)

This it the billboard gui that is shown on top of your character. It shows your image, your level,your gold, and how much health you have

This is another billboard gui that is shown on top of every mob. It says the name of the mob and how much health it has.


The polls don’t actually work btw.

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Sorry about that. You can reply on what you think about the guis, though.

For both the 1st and 2nd picture, I feel like there should be some background colour of some sort, something to fit to the style of what game you’re trying to make.

For the (Level and Gold) text, it could use some background colour as well, and as I said before, try to find a background colour scheme to fit the style of the game your making.

That’s pretty much it.

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For the 3rd picture, i really think there should be a different color for the health bar. You can add a darker green color to it to really get the style your looking for.

For the Gold text, you should add a background style to it and make a coin icon. But i suggest you make that as a gold coin icon on the top of the character .

Health Bar


Coin Icon


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Here’s the poll:

  • I like it
  • I’m okay with it
  • I don’t like it

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Personally, they aren’t so bad. They’re just quite basic.

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They look pretty simple, and as far as I can tell from that screenshot, it looks like the scaling is off quite a bit.
One of the more common issues I find with UI is that people tend to overscale it. Keep it small and less intrusive where you can - people can read small UI and understand it. I ought to do a tutorial on this because it’s a common mistake but do be careful when scaling UI.

Most importantly, test it! Test it on different resolutions (just resize your roblox window) and see if it still fits on the screen nicely. Try messing with the different UI constraints, that sort of thing. Try to use the scale types as well (RelativeXX, RelativeYY) because they are very useful but are situational depending on what UI element you are making.

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The GUIs for the health and what not seem very intrusive. Maybe adding a background and some corresponding text effects would make it look better. Along with resizing/moving it so it complements the environment better.

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