Do you like this Idea?

Hi, this game can tell you your profile age in Years, Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds and it is a really good game to check how long you’ve played Roblox for.

What else do you think I should add to the game, Like for example mini games, and things that will increase the average visit length, Let me know your suggestions in the reply’s.

I have though of adding a Fighting Mini game and It tells you who has won at the End of the Mini game, and I can also add a Racing Mini game to the Game Aswell

Here is the Preview of the game Player Stats


I really like it. It’s quite standard and the sequence also looks very eye-catching. Make it into the game. The bright future is waiting for you.


You MUST add a “You joined!” badge, so more people will join your game, as a lot of them, like me, are badge collectors.


After playing about with the game on mobile (note that your TextBoxes aren’t very responsive), it seems like an interesting idea— I personally wouldn’t play it but I could see it being successful.


The UI looks a bit simple. As it is a key aspect of your project, I would hire a UI designer to spice things up a bit. Overall, nice game, I will come check it out again soon!


1300 days
31200 hours
1872000 minutes
I love this idea. It reminds me of the game that lets you see when a Roblox account was last online


Interesting idea not going to lie, if you are going to add mini-games then first of all a obby should be added with stats of the following, Player average completion rate, and Player average length of time taken to complete obby.


Thank you for the the Replys.

I like your suggestions and ideas :).


The Search board now Shows for the server,

So when someone searches it will show for everyone in that server.

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I very like game where you can check your stats. Good luck with new updates!