Do you still use Region3 in your scripting works?

Region3 was a way to visualize a certain area of your game and was used to check if there are any parts inside the region itself. But after the announcement where they deprecated all Region3 functions, will you recommend a scripter (regardless of their level such as beginner or advance) to still use Region3 functions over the replacements of it in the announcement post?

In my opinion, I would say no because they are deprecated and I would recommend scripters to use the new replacements instead in new works.


I switched over from using .Touched in my scripts to region3, and now they’re deprecated. Annoying, but if the new ones have better performance & reliability then yea, I’ll switch over again. Anything to make hit detection more reliable! :smiley:

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Just because a feature becomes deprecated doesn’t mean it stops working, so to answer your question, yes I and others should still use Region3.

You’re right that deprecation doesn’t immediately take away functionality, but it basically discontinues support (or at least encouragement) of using the feature.

It might be okay to use deprecated features if you have a fair justification or just simply didn’t know better, but new features are pretty much always introduced to replace deprecated ones because they’re newer and better.

Using deprecated methods is almost the same as intentionally using inferior methods to code something. It might result in more memory cost, less efficiency, and so on. Even if the code works nearly identically, it’s still considered slightly inefficient for using deprecated features; it’s discouraged for a reason.

I personally think people should be educated on what deprecation really is so they can determine for themselves what they want to use. I’m personally never going to judge someone for using a deprecated feature because I’m going to hope they have a fair justification behind using it, but a lot of people will think it’s perfectly fine to use if they don’t know the potential issues behind it.

For instance, please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe these Region3 functions were mainly deprecated since they could easily become too expensive. If the new replacements cost less memory, then there should be no benefit in continuing the use of Region3.


I almost got in the same boat as you :sob: started noticing .touched was inconsistent, and looked up region3, but i was kind of cautious and looked up to see if it was deprecated before i redid all my .touched functions. Glad I did