Do you think I can devx?

I want to know if I made a game and got 100K from it can I Devx? I’m not sure if I can, Cause I have moderation history on that account. Some warnings, and I think got banned 2 times. Got banned two times like about in 2014-2015. One time because I said bad word, I’m not sure if it was ban or warning. Second time someone stole my account it had weak password, and he got me banned (7 or 14 days ban). He tried to terminate my account, but I got it before the ban was removed. There were 3 more days remaining for the ban. I’m not sure what did he do. Maybe he spammed scam comments or uploaded inappropriate pictures. So, Maybe they’ll reject me if I had banned for scamming 5 Years ago? and it wasn’t me, it’s the stealer.


No, 5 years ago is too much. As soon as you earned and didn’t buy them, then you must be eligible for DevEx.

I don’t think someone want to work hard on a game just to try, then he gets nothing.

Thats completely false.

Roblox does extensive research about you and your moderation history. Even if you earned the robux, you are not 100% eligible for DevEx.

I don’t really know. Like roblox will forget something 5 Years ago and don’t count it.

They wont forget anything. They have your moderation logs for your account, and any account assisted with your IP. They will most likely check all of your accounts that you have created which share the same IP as your main account.

Do they know if the account was stolen at the time I got the ban?

Yes, but this doesn’t mean he’ll be ineligible just because of an incident that happened 5 years ago.

I was thinking about making alt, but they’ll know my accounts that linked with my ip.

Doesn’t mean he will be eligible either. The fact that it happened 5 years ago does not matter. Roblox has a table of moderation logs with your bans, warnings, and all of that stuff. They don’t disappear over time. They will always be there. At any time, roblox can just see your lifetime moderation history wether it would have happened 10, 5, or 2 years ago.

In the FAQ they say old moderation actions don’t make you ineligible for DevEx. Do not spread misinformation. Especially considering the fact that he got compromised, this will not affect his eligibility.

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If you actually read the FAQ you would know that this is completely false.
Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 15.07.09

Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 15.11.24

You are the only one here that is spreading misinformation. I recommend you get your facts right next time and read the FAQ instead of making up stuff.


Things like exploiting won’t make you ineligible, things like buying robux off-site or involving yourself in monetary activities regarding- but against roblox ToS, will absolutely get you blacklisted from DevEx.

If you can prove this:

Second time someone stole my account it had weak password, and he got me banned

Then you’ll be fine (Due to the nature of stealing usually being monetary involvment, I’m assuming it was a worse ban). The bad word infraction is entirely meaningless afaik.



You said that. That is an extremely old punishment, and considering the fact his account got compromised, this shouldn’t affect him. Also, many violations don’t make you ineligible for DevEx.

…and the timing of it…

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Did you ntoify Roblox at the time to it being account compromised?

I got a ban for scamming once (it was a twitter shortener link to a form at the time for a role-play job test/application) and my father got that appealed/compensated.
(and about a week later twitter shortener links were no longer allowed)

The only way to be sure is to try to make a request, if it’s declined you’ll get your R$100K back. This question comes up quite a bit on these forums and people are generally fine.

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The FAQ implies that only certain infractions are subject to getting your devex declined regardless of timing, while other older, more minor ones are fine.

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Look, I don’t think 7-14 Days Ban is a punishment for a minor infraction. My infraction is not minor. Roblox won’t pass scamming or posting inappropriate pictures. How they will know that my account was compromised at that time? and if I got rejected do I need to contact them about that ban?

I remember that Roblox used to give warnings and ban to players that say bad words. There was no chat filtering.

Doesn’t matter, you got banned, now it’s still an infranction but completely meaningless to DevEx.

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But will they know at that time my account was stolen? or do I need to contact them after I get rejected ?