Do you think Nintendo could get my game taken down because of this?



Pokemon was my childhood and I’m still extremely fond of the anime and games today. I decided that I would start working on a Pokemon inspired game.

I’m currently trying to decide on the capture device. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically what you would use to capture the creatures in the game. Like the Pokeball. As the game is inspired by Pokemon I decided that I would have one rule I would have to design around which is that the capture device needs to be thrown.

I decided upon a square design as I knew if it was a sphere then Nintendo would 100% strike thy hammer on my game.

I’ve come up with this design:
This is what the capture device would when it has no creature inside ie when it’s being thrown.

If it has a creature inside. the grey lines will become blue which you’ll see when you send a creature into battle.
(Just incase you was wondering, the blue will pulse when the game decides if you’ve caught the creature or not).

This is the second iteration so far. I plan to adapt it over time as I want to have different types of them such as ones with better catch rates and ones that boost specific stats.

Would Nintendo be able to take my game over my current design for the capture device in my Pokemon inspired game?


You can’t copyright ideas, only the designs. You should be fine.


And a design like this could literally appear in any game, no issue as long it’s not a direct asset copy from Pokemon (such as Characters and Maps)


I always say this to people when they say stuff like “lol nintendo gonna take you down” but I thought I’d just ask.

Say Nintendo does get my game taken down. There’s nothing I can really do as I’m not rich and It’s impossible for me to take them to court right?


Alright, thanks!

And nope, all the assets and characters / locations will be 100% original. No assets will be from Pokemon.


If you find the right lawyer, some lawyers would take up the charge because it’s an easy win. That being said, Nintendo wouldn’t even bother.


As long as you don’t copy exactly from the game, you’re fine.